Saturday, August 02, 2008


These Iraqis aren't impressed with the imminent "victory" predicted by John McCain as a result of "the surge" in American troops to Iraq in 2007, as bombings of civilians continue to plague the country.

Apparently John McCain wants to make the election a referendum on which candidate has the better judgment as potential commander in chief, and his argument rests on his contention that the decision to send tens of thousands of troops into Baghdad last year- “the surge”- was the right one, and that Barack Obama’s opposition to the surge was the wrong one. This is an argument Senator McCain should not start, because he will lose, and badly. If judgment is the issue, then consider this: had Barack Obama’s counsel been followed in 2002 instead of John McCain’s, America would never have invaded Iraq, 4,124 American servicemen and women would be alive today, 30,324 wounded and maimed Americans would be whole, over 540 billion dollars would have been saved, hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis would be alive, millions more would have been able to stay in their homes and not be refugees in nearby countries, and the last 5 1/2 years of an American nightmare would have been avoided. John McCain voted for war in October of 2002, and he has voted to continue that war at every opportunity since. He has never admitted his mistake or apologized for the greatest foreign policy disaster in American history. Those choices mark him as unfit to be President or commander in chief.


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