Saturday, January 02, 2010


Here's a brainstorm from two guys- Noam Chomski and Nir Rosen:

If you want Muslims to not want to kill you, then stop killing them.

Wish I'd thought of that.

Oh wait. I did. And so did a few million other sane people.

Here's another thought: for one moment, imagine that someone else was doing to us what we are doing to them. Suppose that a family down your street has a criminal or two in it. Suppose they rob a bank and kill a bank guard. Suppose a predator missile is launched against them, and takes them out, plus your three kids who were playing in the yard of the house next door. How would you respond?

Or suppose you couldn't drive to the bank, the grocery store, the city hall, without going through checkpoints with foreign troops speaking a different language, with a different religion, who occasionally had to shoot and kill members of your community for their (the troops) own safety.

Or suppose those troops occasionally bashed in the door to your home, or your neighbors' home, and carried off a few of the teenagers or young men to a prison where they were held, never charged, not given a hearing of any kind, tortured, kept for months or years, and the country that was holding them refused to even acknowledge their existence or promise them a hearing. Ever.

I guess that might be something that would make you unhappy and would make you want to support any organization, no matter how unpalatable, that was dedicating to killing them or ridding your country of them.

I'm just sayin'.


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