Wednesday, August 12, 2009


There are people- "serious people" who argue that the following should not be prosecuted, because it would set a bad precedent of criminalizing the political decisions of a previous administration, or because we need to "look forward" and "move on" or not prosecute the little people who were "just following orders."

I think that is a crock. Either murder is always a crime, or we should never prosecute any murders in our country, ever. Anarchy versus law. Not a hard choice for me to make.

From Glenn Greenwald's blog (substitute writer,
Daphne Eviatar of The Washington Independent).

"They include the death of an Afghan man who was stripped naked, dragged across a concrete floor and chained there by CIA operatives in a secret prison north of Kabul known as the "Salt Pit"; he was left on the floor overnight and froze to death.

Then there's the death of Manadel al-Jamadi, an Iraqi insurgent who died just hours after he was captured and beaten by Navy SEALS, who hung him from his wrists, which were tied behind his back, until he was dead.

And there's the killing of Iraqi Maj. Gen. Abed Hamed Mowhoush, a 56-year-old who, reportedly uncooperative with interrogators, was stuffed into a sleeping bag and clubbed to death."


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