Thursday, October 16, 2008


I doubt many people will be voting FOR John McCain- most of them will be voting against his opponent. McCain's campaign has little to do with specific proposals to fix eight years of disaster under President Bush. His campaign wants to make people afraid to vote for Barack Obama, using fabrications which have nothing to do with any alleged conduct of Mr. Obama. Bob Schieffer should have asked Senator McCain: So what if Barack Obama was appointed to a charitable board with a person never convicted of a crime? Tell us how serving on a charitable board would affect our nation if Barack Obama is elected president-- a board created by the wife of Ronald Reagan's ambassador to England, and on which university presidents and notable Republicans served. Instead of trying to smear him with guilt by association, name a single act of misconduct of Mr. Obama. If you can't, then tell voters why you spent millions on irrelevant attack ads rather than telling America how you expect to catch Osama Bin Laden or end the economy's free fall. While you're at it, explain to America why you accepted tens of thousands of dollars from Charles Keating, a convicted felon who looted the Lincoln Savings and Loan, and who got you to pressure federal bank regulators to look the other way while he committed his crimes? Explain why your accepting gifts from and taking family vacations with Charles Keating doesn't disqualify you from the presidency?


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