Saturday, September 04, 2010

Democrats just can't spin those fantasies like the pros do...

The target audience for Tea Party rallies and Republican candidates.

"We need individuals who think and do what's right for you," he added. "You've got to have people who think, not ideologues. Republicans are utterly impervious to evidence." Bill Clinton, at a political rally for a New York Congressional Democrat

That pretty much hits the nail on the head. Democrats live in the real world- they may not fix it, they may even go along with the mess ups, they just can't muster the ability to spin fantasies out of whole cloth the way the Republicans can do as easily as falling off a chair.

To wit:

death panels

Obama the Muslim, socialist, non-native (take your pick).

Keep your government hands off our Medicare.

Weapons of mass destruction- about to be used imminently against us (!)

You're doing a huckuva job, Brownie.

Cutting capital gains taxes will create: jobs, economic development, etc. But we can't extend unemployment benefits unless we find a way to pay for it. (And it's okay to spend a trillion dollars on war without paying for it)

Rich people shouldn't be taxed on their estates (the "death tax") because that's taxing the same money twice- once when they earned it, again when they die.
But it's ok to tax the money a poor person makes four times (federal, medicare, social security, state tax), then when the shmo buys a house with it, charge him a property tax every year on the money that was taxed four times before.

Marijuana is a gateway drug to (crack, heroin, meth).... but alcohol is just kids acting out and grownups relaxing.

Medical marijuana should be illegal- even for glaucoma and cancer patients who need it- because it will "send the wrong message to our youth" (who may try to get cancer or glaucoma to get a chance to smoke it?) But tobacco- that's legal, it's fine, and it's a "choice" for free adults to make their own decision.

And so on.