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Fun with Facebook

Melissa Stockwell, who lost a leg in Iraq in 2004, dancing with former President George W. Bush. Make up your own ironic caption here: ______________

A few months ago during a trip to my homeland-- about 2,000 years removed-- my intrepid son set up a Facebook page for me to post the photos from my trip. Heretofore I haven't been a Facebook, social networking, kind of guy. I don't text; I talk. I don't live my life on a computer- I spend enough time there at work when I'm not in a courtroom- and even, sometimes, when I'm in a courtroom. But Facebook, like all of our technological advances, has had unintended- unimagined- consequences on human development. I almost wrote "progress," but that judgment may be too soon. It very well might be regress.

So here's a snapshot of contemporary American political views, via a Facebook post of a photograph of a wounded warrior- a woman who lost a limb while stationed in Iraq in 2004. She's dancing with former President George Walker Bush. It's a photo subject to much interpretation, as the comments on the post reveal. What is most revealing is the mindset of the people doing the posting. There are those upon whom facts can not change their version of reality. Then there are those who were emotionally scarred by the actions of the Bush Administration, 2001-2009, and those wounds have not healed.

My opinions- based on facts, not fantasy- are in this Blog. I wrote several lengthy essays (published in the Albany Journal) on the causes of our going to war in Iraq, going back to the "Project for a New American Century."

Everything I wrote upon was sourced, and startling to me, most of the facts have never been in dispute. There was no covert conspiracy to embroil America into an unnecessary and self-destructive war in Iraq. Any conspiracy, such as it was, was overt, and the damage to the United States, in blood, morale, divisiveness, and money, has also been up front and undisputed.

What has been instructive to me has been how reality has NOT been changed in the minds of the people who supported the war and who were not disillusioned when the facts came to light. Their minds haven't changed even after the false pretenses were publicly admitted by the very person who made the case for war before the United Nations in 2003- then Secretary of State Colin Powell. (A quick internet search with the phrase "Colin Powell misled in United Nations Speech") comes up with
over a million and a half hits, including this u-tube video: and the taped interview I saw on The Daily Show a few weeks ago where he publicly admitted his embarrassment and the blot that it was on his career.

I haven't responded to any of the comments below directly- my observation that it is a variation on the Stockholm Syndrome was my only comment. But to those who argued after the fact that we attacked Iraq because it had nothing to do with 9-11 so that we could distract the terrorists from us, I have two responses, one light hearted, one serious: first, if we were going to attack a country that had nothing to do with 9-11 attacks, why not Bermuda? It's a much nicer climate and would have been way cheaper. Second, if the reason we were attacking Iraq was to distract terrorists so that we would fight them there, then why didn't President Bush and his top officials ever make that case before we launched the greatest foreign policy and human rights mistake in American history? Probably because if a person says it out loud, the idea will sound as stupid as it actually is.

Here's the Facebook post:

President George W. Bush dancing with warrior Melissa Stockwell. Melissa was injured in Iraq in 2004 and became the first female ever to lose a limb in combat. That's class! Obama would have just sent her an e-mail asking for a donation to his campaign..
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Clem Harrisson Ironically, it was GW who sent her to "war".

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Deborah Hardin Mr. And Mrs. Bush are true Americans. They live their commitment to this country and her people every day. God bless them and their whole family!
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Heidi Kraus und wer Tanzt mit den Toten ?
and if you dancing with the dead? (Translated by Bing)
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Wendy Aker House You dumbasses, wars have been forever, thats whats made our country a free country. You should think about what our military is all about. Without them, which may be coming, what will we do?
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Nathan Manthe Do you ever PROUD the veterans seem to be when W is around. They respect him...the man that called them to duty. they don't resent him...they don't resent their country....They knew the potential...they volunteered to serve America...and did so bravely...proudly..and wonderfully! God Bless President Bush, for his ongoing displays of gratitude and appreciation for the selfless service that our AWESOME Military displayed for so long in our ongoing battle with terror, and may He also continue to bless both the amazing troops that serve to protect us and promote freedom across earth, and the country that they so deeply love.
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Mark Buckeridge what a load of shit
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Jeri Harms oh please
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Greg Stewart baby george , or is czar bush? or caesar george.... either way we are a democracy not a monarchy. nixon impeached but not baby george? pathetic... him and rumsfeld should be strapped to the front of a m1a1 and lead every recon or assault.... imo
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Brenda Bettinger Sene It was a classy story until the last line, which was unnecessary.
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Mike Irwin One tough gal. Keep the spirits high, LT!
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Mike Walsh Bailie President Bush has always been a class act!!!
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Anne Willey Surprised he did this since he sent her there. Hmmm.
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Dave Sinclair He got her leg blow off for a lie. Class my ass.
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Don Henry Given the fact that Bush started that war for good reason, it seems like the least he could do. Do you honestly believe that this somehow makes up for the horrendous damage that dirt bag did to this country?
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Randy Koger No, George Bush would have charged her a fee and taxed it just to have her dance with him and then claim that there was no war going on and foreclose on her house.
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Wendy Grandestaff B... S...
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Justin A Gamache yes G W Bush started that war, he is a raging drunk.. someone should shoot him now.
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Jim Jaissle No Joe, Obama wouldnt have sent her off to an illegal bullshit war in Iraq in the first place.
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Brenda Santiago Classy Bush sent her to a war zone justified with lies, I bet him and his buddies own plenty of stock in protheis companies
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Justin A Gamache America didn't abandoned Bush, we got sick of his bullshit!! He is under restrictions that if he leaves the USA he will be arrested for war crimes against Humanity. I say turn this fucker over to authorities now..
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Victor Villegas obama would have not sent her to war in the first place
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Kieran O'Hagan I love reading the comments here from the brainless Obama drones. The asshat in the office now couldn't give a shit about soldiers. Bush has gone out of his way for the men and women who fought those wars. He cared about them. This scumbag in office now doesn't. If you think this president has class, then you have no class yourself.
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Chris Doades People are quick to blame ONE MAN for ruining our country, while we sit here on our computers doing nothing but complaining about it... Don't forget all the other people in office who make decisions too... The president is just our representative...
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Karen Rocky Cunningham-Howe As a matter of fact President Obama did more then send her an email:
White House Highlights Melissa Stockwell as Let’s Move! and Physical Activity “Champion of Change” |
The White House honored Melissa Stockwell as one of ten leaders being recognized...See More
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Ben Holstad There is a big aweful mouth about THESE AMERICANS. However, here is scientific fact. THESE GREAT AMERICAN PEOPLE took the mess away from HOME~ for US. Have you ever seen a bird distract a predator from the nest? They make themselves available to the predator at a place away from the home. And then take them on.
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Charley Stewart This is an awesome picture. Of course you know Marcia how near & dear to my heart this post is. Mr. President thank you for you care & concern. Melissa, I don't have the words to say how much you mean to America. You truly are a warrior! I wish I had a fraction of your strength! ~~~CharleyMon~~~
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Todd Lampone When will people finally clue in that none of our politicians represent us. It is depressing that people actually think George W Bush is a classy person who gives a shit about any one of you. He always wanted to go to war and made up lies to get there and this woman lost her leg ultimately because of his incompetence.
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Patty Parker McPeek When I worked for the Wounded Warrior Project, I was honored to meet Melissa and many of our other wounded warriors in person . . . their stories & their strength are amazing ! ! !
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Henry P Kaestner aint that the truth
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William K. Stuart You really do need tp get a clue Bsuh cared not a dam about her or you, wakem up pull your head out. Dont sweat it ignorance angers me so Im blocking you anyway
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Michael Melcher He sent her over there to die in his bullshit made up war..... Does it hurt to be as stupid as you are?
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Brennan Dennis We Americans had better quit all of this silly bickering and stand together to remove this maniac we have in Office. Or there will be no Americans!!! Romney 2012!! Anybody but Obama!!
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Danny Hurst aint that the truth
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Lisa Sulavka if it wasnt for bush she would still have her leg dummy
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Bill Mello Caroline I am not an Obama fan, but I am not sure that was a fair comment.
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Russell Morse she wouldn't have lost the limb if bush didn't get us into iraq
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George Monaghan Well it's not like Acorn or the the Black Panthers, are looking to recruit her...
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Camaro Sport What a Great Photo!!!
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Steve Wandt Pres Bush truly loves his troops and proves it all the time! Love the flag deco on her leg
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Edna Mccann thats not true our president is very careing person. i will vote for him again
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Robert Zajicek the 9/11 king,,,,
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Kurt Singer Obama never would have sent her there, in the first place!
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Terry Owsiany McHugh i was okay with this until the obama comment....low class and baseless.
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Elizabeth Ann McAdam below the belt PEGGY... NOT NICE...
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James Finkelstein I attribute this occurrence to a variation of the Stockholm Syndrome.
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Ruby Barler love this!!
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