Saturday, January 28, 2017

We're not "getting over it."

So for the clueless who tell the majority of voters who voted for someone else-- and no, those weren't dead people or illegal immigrants, just the sane and rational alive, legally registered voters who knew the blatantly obvious difference between a seriously flawed candidate (Clinton) and an insane demagogue (Pussy Grabber) who needs to have his worst impulses reined in on a daily basis: this isn't a situation that calls for the rational majority to "get over it" and accept the Pussy Grabber in Chief as the legitimate President of the United States. Because this isn't a football game where my team (the Steelers) lost to the proverbial cheaters (the Patriots) and the result is that the Patriots get to go to the Super Bowl while my team goes on vacation. When a football game is over- it's over. Unfortunately, the damage that we all (68 million of us) foresaw on November 8, 2016, when we voted to keep a narcissistic, misogynistic, sociopathic, bigoted demagogue out of the White House is just beginning to occur. And it will continue to occur and it will get worse unless We the People act to stop it. The Women's March was just a start. We need to begin writing the articles of the Bill of Impeachment now and add to it daily and weekly until the tipping point comes when the Pussy Grabber does some outrageous act that even the Republican majority in Congress can't live with. Or they realize their "conservative" constituents who make up their primary electorate won't stand for it and will, unless the Republican majority acts, at long last replace their asses in Washington with someone who gives a damn about their country and about the rest of the world.